Back on board!

Five weeks have passed in the blink of an eye since our last entry.  To those who truly do follow us on this site, and there are many of you, we are sorry and have received your emails for an update. So where has the time gone?

Well we have just ensconced ourselves in front of the television waiting for breaking news on the royal birth, while flicking channels between the best of ‘Jordy Shore’ and the coverage of the Suffolk East Croquet Clubs annual 95year and over invitational, in which Reginald Clarence Fairweather the 4th looks to have it sewn up with three weeks of play to go.    HANG on, wait a minute!   Thats right none of things are or should be things I care about, quite frankly I have greater concerns regarding which shelf i should store my toothpaste on in the bathroom cabinet.
Well since our last update we have spent a relaxing yet hectic four weeks on mid year holidays in Victoria.  Lets see how well I can round it up….    Going to the footy, drinking alcohol, drinking fresh coffee, going our for lunch and dinner, catching up with as many people as possible and……wedding stuff.  So there you have it, our four weeks in Victoria in three lines.   I could bore you with the minute details and list the 60 people we caught up with but that is not going to happen.
So the first week of term three is done and dusted and like every other week it was hectic.
Lots to do and get done, as well as the hit of motivation you usually get at the start of a term.  We have punched in some serious hours this week with a couple of 14 hour days in the mix.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.33.53 PM

A ghost town is the nearest comparison i can give to explain what it was like last Friday when we drove in.  With the arrival of Em and myself we made thirty people in community. So where is everyone?  Well it is the show season in the NT, and you guessed it, families are out and about in Alice or Tennant having gone to the show and waiting for the cash flow to return.   The week has seen a few return and we had around 25 students by Friday, which was a big improvement on the 12 we had on Tuesday.

Aside form the lack of inhabitants, it seems a few positive things have occurred over the break.  The Army was in town announcing that next year they are sending some lads out for a few months to pave some road into community and set up a self replenishing drinking station out of community for the wild donkeys.   I know that sounds a little ridiculous but the donkeys smash the fences around community down to get into water.  With no fences, in come bulls and wild horses.

Two new houses are nearly completed in town which the community is pumped about, as there are some houses out here that are still glorified tin shacks.  As well as that a little bit of artistry took place with the painting of a few fences with murals around community to jazz up the look of the place a little.

Oh and in an ever present reminder of the concentration needed driving into community, we came across a roll over the other day on the way in.  The driver from Eppinarra was ok, but a little dazed and unsure what had happened.
IMG_0227 IMG_0226

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.55.23 PM

I’m thinking of changing the title of this section as they are now far from little.  Seven months old and as strong as ever. Having been desexed over the break in Geelong, Brutus and Lexi had their first trips to the beach and did they love it.  (rhetorical question)
Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 12.29.02 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 12.27.45 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 12.26.39 PM

You would have thought they were born next to the beach, swimming around loving the waves, it was brilliant.   There were one or two incidents back in Victoria, thanks Mum and Dad (Trish and Dave) for the patience, hosing Lexi for the duration of our stay, and Brutus as well for a few days.  But the damage toll did rise…. lets see, the devastation of vegetation was almost enough for green peace to call it an ecological disaster zone.  A broken window….YUP, a big dog trying to fit through a cat door at full speed, the math didn’t quite add up.  The need for industrial level cleaning of all the outer windows of the house is another little gem left by the pups.  All in all though I am painting a negative picture of a time that was on the whole very good.  The pups were great and Lexi in particular has come back a new dog, much matured a well trained.   Thanks must also go out to Muzz and Jen for housing Brutus for most of the stay, and a special shout out to Sam and Carly for taking the pups in twice for a run around the farm.

Emilies Corner

Hi everyone. It’s great to be back blogging and getting into teaching for term 3. How this term will fly!

I can’t describe how great it was to be back in Victoria and being busy catching up with people, going out for meals and getting more of our wedding sorted out.

For all the brides out there, I have finally had a moment of “yep, my wedding is coming and I am a bride.” This moment happened twice over the break and one was trying the dress on again, although I was in trouble for not having my shoes! And the second was leaving the reception venue having done the flower arrangements. It is exciting and I am now counting down each month (to myself).

On more wedding news, we have finally booked a ceremony venue! It happens to be at the school where Lachlan and I met in 2008. We are very excited to have this sorted and can now enjoy the final planning stages of the wedding.

I do need to thank my older sister Kate for helping me with basically every decision I made over the break. Really appreciate all of her help throughout this wedding planning process.

Now back to school and what is happening this term!

From what I can see we have a busy first 5 or so weeks with a few visitors and events taking place for our older students. As an teacher who is trained in Early Years, I have a great term of teaching my teenagers Sex Ed. Now those that know me understand that delivering this is humorous but I will do my best to deliver a comprehensive class.

I am excited to try and implement an Indigenous Language class this term which I am sure each of the students will enjoy. I hope that 2 community members are able to deliver this subject.

For those that have asked, I will try and organise an album of photos we have taken this year. I know that you want to see the house, as well as the dogs and how much they have grown!

I am very much looking forward to what the term brings for us out here and it is great to be back in warmer weather!

We will be back online to further update everyone next week!


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  1. Love reading all about your experiences Lachlan and Emily… and it was great to see you back at school Lachlan. Take care.. and before you know it the wedding will be here and you’ll be back down for another visit…

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