Things are really heating up

So although it is supposed to still be the cooler dry season, we are now back to 35 degree days as a standard.  This has its positives as well as its negatives. Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 3.02.29 PM The biggest positives are at dawn and dusk, with my morning walks with the dogs done in the comfort of mid 20 degree weather with breathtaking sunrises.   At night we are treated to the kind of wether you look to retire in, sitting out on the deck having a lemonade in shorts and a singlet with a mild breeze blowing through.  We are looking forward to hopefully seeing a wet season start in the next couple of months, as it has been a while since we have seen any rain here.

We have been busy as always and in seemingly the blink of an eye we are in week seven of term three and on the door step of heading back to Geelong for a week.  Speaking of Geelong, another finals series for the cats beckons, if all goes well I will be watching them play in the Grand final at he Juicy Rump in Alice Springs again. Go Cats!

We have been busy with the house, having taken a trip to Alice two weekends ago for Brutus’ operation, we took the Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 2.21.02 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 2.20.38 PMtime to go to Bunnings and buy a few things to brighten up the place.   So we now have a table setting for the deck, a few plants and herbs as well as (my favourite) a mist sprinkler system.  Yup thats right, I installed a sprinkler system to shower the whole deck in a fine mist, so on the hot evenings after work, we can sit outside and cool off.

School has been ticking along well, with more kids back and our numbers increasing again we are being kept on our toes.  Emily has had a good week or two, having been in to Tennant Creek with a group of our students for a careers expo, it was a chance to see the students in a different light.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.33.53 PM

We have experienced our first death in community, with the passing of the local matriarch last weekend.  This has been our first experience in this community dealing with death, and thus far it has been a learning curve.   On the Friday of last week when she passes the school had a day of silent operation, and as expected our numbers were very low.  This week has seen a lot of families returning to community ahead of the funeral on Thursday this coming week.
The church band has been playing music every night, and their dulcet tones have wafted through community every night. It does add a certain ambiance to an evening. As a result of the funeral, the school will be closed on the Thursday this week  The next few days should prove to be interesting with many families from nearby communities sifting into Canteen Creek for the funeral.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.55.23 PM
Well Brutus got through his operation fine, and is now a tooth short.  While we were away with Brutus, Lexi made some new friends with the dogs Emily H has adopted next door.  As a result my morning walks are now a group outing for my pups and their gang of misfits.   Chasing donkeys is also the new craze it would seem, with the weather warming up the donkeys are back in town, and what better way to burn of some morning energy than to chase every bloody donkey we see.


Emilies Corner
The tail end of term is busy but also exciting out bush. We have had a few busy weeks with various events that Lachlan has been talking about.
Taking a group of Middle Years and Secondary students into Tennant Creek was a great excursion for each of the students involved. I headed into Community at 6:30am to begin the process of waking each individual student to get on the road. I am glad that our Principal Ben warned me and told me to start half an hour earlier than planned. By 7:30am I had all of the students ready to go and we headed for Epenarra (next community over). As Bill (Epenarra teacher) gathered his students we began the trek into town. Finally arriving after 3 hours, we fed the kids and headed to the careers expo. Watching the kids participate in activities and asking questions at each booth showed me that they have thought about career pathways.
For the rest of the day the students were divided into groups and headed out to different businesses to learn how each runs. Following this we went and watched the dress rehearsal for Desert Harmony Festival and then checked into the hostel.

That night we headed out from the hostel and went and watched a local Indigenous performance including dance and music. The kids enjoyed that evening in Tennant Creek and also requested we go “cruising” down the main street. As we did this, I was amazed at how many family members they recognised and screamed out for.

Returning to community the following morning was something the kids were looking forward to, so we packed up the troopie and headed out. A great first excursion with the kids and I hope that we are able to do more of these next year.

On a completely different note, very happy to have shopped at Bunnings and purchased pots that now have different herbs in them, as well as strawberries and tomatoes. Yay!



One response to “Things are really heating up

  1. Still love reading your blog guys! The deck looks amazing, and I can just imagine how relaxing it would be to sit outside of a night time with the gorgeous sunset:-)

    I had a chuckle at the ‘donkey chasing’ comment…. haha CLASSIC!
    Seems like you’ve absolutely fallen in love with your pups. I have to admit, they are gorgeous.

    Em your excursion seemed fun! Must have been an eye opener!! Bet it was exhausting too.

    I’m in the last few months of my Dip Ed and can’t wait to start applying for jobs! I must admit, if Kissy wasn’t so settled at Torquay College I’d love to have an adventure up North as you two are!
    Seems like it would be hard at times, but the experiences and stories are just priceless!!

    Still sour that you’re no longer coaching Newtown Lachy… Had a very unenjoyable season this year, and will most likely follow Chloe to Modda next season. Bit sad considering I’ve been at Newtown since juniors:-(

    Keep the news coming guys, always enjoy reading about your most recent adventures!!

    Love Heid’s (The better Sutcliffe sister)

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