Too long between drinks.

Hi Everyone! We are back online after quite some time without blogging.
You take the time to knuckle down and get things done and before you know it two months have flown bye and we have not sent everyone an update.  Apologies for our tardiness in correspondence but we have had a chock a block time recently up here.  In the time that has passed since we last posted anything, we have been back to Victoria, had visitors, Lachlan has been to Darwin and a lot of day to day hard work has been accomplished.

Since the last post we have completed term 3, been home for 4 days and returned to the Territory for what is looking like a fun filled, action packed term 4.

Towards the end of term 3 we had our first visitors to community! It was great to have Leish and Nathan visiting Canteen Creek while they were in the Territory. We were able to set up pen pals with some of Alicia’s kids in Victoria. Our mob were very enthusiastic about writing to their own pen pal and are eagerly awaiting the letters from Victoria.

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Grand Final this year was spent in Alice with Leish and Nathan, as well as fellow colleagues. It was great to have other AFL supports with us as we watched the game. Lachlan had a “magical” time following the actual game which saw a few of the resorts signs being switched around, and may have involved a cheeky moonlit swim in their swimming pool.

During the holidays back at home we have completed much to do with the wedding and it was productive. The boys are getting sorted with suits, wedding bands are now sorted, Hens and Bucks days are coming together and we are quietly counting down until the day! We had a great time seeing family and friends whilst we were at home and look forward to heading back in December with the dogs for the summer break!

Since being back at school we have been into town for an information packed PD which gave each of us the drive and motivation to get stuck into Term 4. It was great to see the other Barkly region educators and have a couple of drinks! I have been warned about how busy this term will be and we have hit the ground running.


Dk and YaYa are our two year 12 students’  who are both with in touching distance of completing school.


Lachlans time and effort has been poured into these two fellas, with most days seemingly focused around making sure they get to their next mark off.    Week three saw him accompany the two lads up to Darwin for an intensive week at head office.   This was a great experience, the lads worked amazingly well and of the four units they both have to complete, three were knocked off.  Now it is within reaching distance.

Lachlans time in Darwin was pretty fantastic.

Working closely with the boys between 8 and 5, they then had the evening to themselves to explore what Darwin had to offer.  Did Darwin put on a show, every night there was rolling thunderstorms and rumbles in the distance.

They ate so well at great locations. 1394075_10151644209642811_380826583_n


  Two highlights were the wharf and the Ski club, both are well recommended by Lachlan on your next trip to Darwin.

He also spent two nights in Katherine, which gave them the opportunity to go and explore Katherine Gorge.   I will let the photos do the talking on this one.

1384353_10151650522932811_376785468_n 1395874_10151650535427811_384547095_n1 2 3

We continue to feel the heat up here, average days hover around the high thirties, with not a whisp of cloud to be seen most days.   And as always the sunsets are to die for, I am still not letting myself become accustomed to the beauty of what we see every night.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.33.53 PM

Well all quiet on the western front really.  Not much to report other than the army has been out surveying for some work they will be doing next year.  Still no snakes yet, and yes the donkeys are still here… number!   Oh we have commissioned a painting by one of the artists here, we will keep you posted on how it is going when we get a look at it.    Oh sorry, there have been two new houses put int to community, I nearly overlooked this, as it was a three day affair.  Old houses knocked down and land leveled in day one, day tow the kit home is put on site and sealed up, day three water, electricity connected…BAM!   instant four bedroom home.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.55.23 PM

Strong, it is the best way to describe them now.  Both have the ability to knock you flat on your arse given a run up and jump.  Though they are getting better and losing their puppy ways.  Still cute and cuddly, the best alarm clocks ever.


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