With respect to breathlessness, an open letter to my wife.

Hello out there one and all and sorry for the time between drinks, yet I am sure you will favour me this small pardon and forgive our tardiness in regards to this blog as we can now return to normality.   So why the break you ask, well aside from the fantastic six weeks of holidays back home in Geelong, aside from the endless catch-ups with friends and family, aside from Christmas and New Years celebrations, aside from all of that I was finally fortunate enough to wed my beloved. That’s right after all the planning, trials and tribulations, the stress and the late nights we awoke one morning betrothed and as in love as ever and went to bed that night as husband and wife after the happiest and most brilliant day of our lives.

Now I have lived a fairly fortunate life, in that I was born into a free democratic society which I do not take for granted in the slightest, I have been healthy and active and in my post school years travelled the world, worked in Europe, seen breathtaking sights, met amazing people and felt that by the age of thirty the cup of life I have been drinking from is always full to the brim.  If I had been taking tasting notes, well to the nose it hinted of exploration, tastes of restlessness and determination on the pallet, with an aftertaste of quiet satisfaction.   I was and am happy in life, with work, rest and play I thought, and still do think I am in a good place.    With all of this I had assumed I had experienced most of the emotions both up and down there were to have experienced in life, or so I thought.

Your wedding day, should you be lucky enough to choose to have one, is an amazing day.  But it is a journey, full of planning and turmoil and by the time you are standing there at the end of an isle waiting,..  looking at those expectant and happy faces of friends and family it really hits you the gravity of it all.  The love of those around you, all those people important to you in your life, in one place at one time for you both.  My head it was fair to say was swimming standing at the end of the isle, I remember the moments vividly, listening to my groomsman cracking wise and laughing, watching my Grandparents settling into their chairs, thinking to myself about how lucky we were that the sky was blue, the wind barely a breath and where is she my watch now makes ten past four.

With respect to breathlessness it is something up until that moment in my life I can honestly say I had never truly experienced.  You hear it spoken about, written about and seen in all those movies I don’t enjoy watching.  I always thought it cliché, overdone and something akin to overdoing an explanation of how you feel for someone.   But alas I was to be humbled, I stood there as the music changed and the first bridesmaid appeared.  Anticipation and a healthy shot of nerves coursed through me as my sister passed me and the second bridesmaid Sarah began her walk, by the time the third and final bridesmaid (Kate) was half way down, a white silhouette passed between pillars at the end of the courtyard.  By the time she turned with her father at her arm, I cannot recall there being another person there with us.  For that moment, I heard nothing, and saw only her and it was at that point, where I became acutely aware of a slight quiver in my lip, and that light blurring of the eyes, akin to the welling of a tear, and with that I had to remind my self to breathe.

To my darling new wife Emily, that day will forever be one of our brightest memories.  I will never forget hat moment you turned to me at the other end of the isle, so beautiful and forever my first true understanding of what it is to be left breathless.

For everyone else who has read through this, thanks and I hope it relays or relives some memories and emotions of your own.

I will not go on into detail about the day, other than to say it was truly a perfect day for us.   I will sign off by saying, that we are back up to work this week, and the blog will be back into full swing with our life as remote teachers.

I will however leave you with some photos, which will hopefully share and convey some of the joy from our day.

IMG_0528 IMG_0771 IMG_0908 IMG_1050 IMG_9944 IMG_9830 IMG_9739 IMG_9445 IMG_1118DSC_0255


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