Water, Water, Everywhere

Back into it and its already flying by.
It has been a week back in community and we have settled back into our routines.
School is back in session and the kids are excited to be back, something else to fill their days aside from catching scorpions to fight to the death.   I am feeling a renewed sense of adventure that and wonder that so enveloped our first year out here.  The land, people and experiences out here are a constant reminder of how much we still have to learn and experience in Outback Australia.

The interstate drive back was a monster, three days of driving with two fur babies is not the easiest thing to do, but it is also not as hard as others we know who move whole families interstate every holiday, so you won’t hear me complaining.  Last Friday saw us hit the Kurundi track for the first time in 6 weeks.  Back to red dirt roads, rocks, sand, washouts and WATER.   When we arrived last year, the Barkly had missed a wet season, it was dry and oppressively hot.  This year as we left Alice up the highway, the one thing that struck as the most was the greenery.   The Kurundi track was no different and there were signs of water and flooding everywhere and before long we had our first water crossing.    This as it turned out would be a precursor to the next few days back at Canteen Creek, with the land screaming out for water the skies were finally going to lend a hand.

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Rain! Not just a sprinkle but rains not seen in a long time.  Everything became either a river or a lake as the bush storm we had waited so long for finally arrived and delivered in a big way.  Hours of persistent heavy rain, as well as lightning strikes and thunder that would seem to appear from in the house it was that local.
Canteen Creek became a water park and the whole community re-emerged in the shadow of the storm to view the main road flowing like a river, the local creek beds that I have seen only dry now ran 20-30 meters wide, sweeping branches and dead trees down them.

This ancient land shows the scars of water flow in the dry, but to see it in full flow is something altogether different, and an experience we will not soon forget.
The community were in high spirits after the rains and anyone who was anyone was out and about in the newly formed creeks, rivers and streams.   Dams had filled just around from our house, and the kids laughed the afternoon away doing back flips and playing in the outback pool.


Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.55.23 PM

The pups had their first birthday at the start of the year, and they had a great holiday at the Casa de Irwin in Inverleigh for six weeks.  Chasing cows, enjoying grass and swim sessions in the pool, all while making new friends with two border collies Paris and Rosie.  Tough life being spoilt rotten.

Happy to be home though, the pups were like kids in a candy store when the plated their paws back in red dirt.  Chasing lizards and swimming in water holes, a day in the life of territory tough dog.
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