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It seems more often than not recently that I start a blog post with and apology for the time that has lapsed between posts.

The thousand or so of you who this post reaches out to every time, we are grateful for the emails and the comments, and we try hard to keep everyone updated on how it is all going out bush.


It is not usually a Monday night that I find myself sitting down to type away, but at the moment it is the only time I can seem to spare.  The work life balance at the moment is 90% work, 10% life and 0% balance.  But that’s ok as we are forging forward with little worry as the days blur together and Monday afternoons seem to be followed by Friday mornings.   Week seven already and Term one of our second year out bush is just passing us by.  This term has seen us without our Principal Ben, who is on leave for the arrival of their second child.  So it has been all hands on deck as the management load has been delegated and we all put in the yards to keep the school running smoothly.  Officially Robert and Emily H have picked up the bulk of administrative jobs, while the rest of us look to them for the final word on things.  But all in all it has been a great team effort and feel here for the start of 2014.


Never one to shy away from making a tough situation more difficult, I have started my Masters in Educational Leadership this semester. I am taking on two units, whether or not that is biting off more than I can chew will remain to be seen, but for the most part so far I am coping well. Maintaining 2-3 hours of study a night, 7 days a week is going to be testing at times but so far so good.  The course itself is fantastic, 100% online with 200 other aspiring or current leaders from around Australia all critiquing and encouraging each other’s work so far I have learnt more than I expected in such a short time.  Needless to say my time management skills are being pushed at the moment but I’m still finding time to practice my golf swing every couple of days, and the nightly dog walks are always a highlight out in this country.


There have been a few moments this term that have been hard to be away from home for that need a mention.   Jason and Tash, along with Marcus and Jess welcomed Elijah and Harry respectively.   It is always difficult being away from such dear friends in times of great joy and that weekend we lamented on being so far away.   In fact for close to one hundred of you who read this, the last time we saw you would have been at our wedding, how quickly the time has gone.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.33.53 PM
Bits and pieces to report but not much in the scheme of things.  We are expecting the army out in the not too distant future to build a few new roads for us and sure up some perimeter fencing.
On the flora and fauna report, things are still very green out here even though the rains have now subsided.  The plague like proportions of flies has diminished as well, which makes doing things outdoors a lot more pleasant once again. Still no real sign of any donkeys around and about which as far as I’m concerned is just fantastic.  A family of wild horses are back in community, kids have been trapping snakes and goannas; just today they caught the first Thorny Devil I have seen in the wild.


Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.55.23 PM
The pups now 15 months old, are as far as they know, the rulers of all.  Brutus was a bit underweight when we returned home but a bit of extra tucker twice a day and the hint of ribs has subsided and they both look like they could take on anything.   Brutus had a bit of a bingle with a fence pole while chasing a ball a few weeks ago, maybe a permanent scar on his forehead but apart form that the dogs continue to be spoiled and are loving life.

Emilies Corner

The term, as Lachlan has mentioned is flying by. This term has been a great to start to the year with Robert and Emily at the helm, doing a fantastic job. It is great that our team can come together without our Principal and work together in such a cohesive way. We are very lucky to work with the people that are out here with us.

This year for me out in Canteen Creek has been a lot more relaxing and as a result, more enjoyable. As a grad last year it would not have been easy wherever I was but this year is different. The kids are settled into our routines and the relationship with them is stronger. There have been some challenging days, particularly with Ben not here, but we have overcome those by working with the kids.

While I am here I would like to congratulate Tash and Jase, as well as Marcus and Jess on the arrival of their boys. I look forward to being back mid-year to meet both of them. Also to Jedda and Michelle, who have moved overseas, we wish you all the best in your move and can’t wait to see you both, as well as your little man, in December.


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