A new challenge

Change is imminent, a new challenge awaits.
(this post is 4 weeks late)

Never a dull moment in our life detached from the suburban sprawl.  A change in weather has brought with it a much welcomed break from the heat of the outback.  Cool mornings and nights by the campfire are what awaits us most days from June to September.  It all depends on the wind this time of year, as to whether the weather is fine.  It is a welcome change at school with students arriving most days smelling of wood fires, instead of the unfortunately common smell of week worn clothes.  Although students (and families) tend to rise later, we still are achieving good attendance in spite of the chilly mornings.

The army is here and have set up camp between Canteen Creek and Epenarra.  It has been great liaising with some of the lads, who are running holiday programs for the kids over our four week term holiday.  Fitness and sports programs, as well as multimedia movie making classes are being offered to the kids over the break.   Here to facilitate improvements to infrastructure in both communities, it is great to see the way the community is embracing and trusting the visiting soldiers.

With term 2 wrapping up, our focus naturally begins to shift to our return home.  An air of excitement resonates in the staffroom, as people call relatives and friends during the week making arrangements for dinner and drinks.  Reports have been logged away, sports day and open day are all that are left……  the finish line is in sight.   We love it here, the people, the work, the life style.  It is not that we long to be home, far from it, it is an excitement at returning to the living rooms and conversations of family and friends we miss.  Since our wedding day, we have spent a grand total of 4 days with family before we left to return here.  We have not had the chance to sit down with friends and reminisce over what was the most enjoyable day of our lives.   Soon I think even now as I type….. Very soon.

The break will be enjoyed, not only for the recharge but also for preparing for a new and exciting challenge.   I have been successful in gaining a position as Teaching Principal at Stirling School for the remainder of the year.  This is exciting opportunities that poses many challenges and changes to our lifestyle.  The biggest challenge being that Em and I will be living four hours apart from one another.   ‘I’m sorry, what!’  I hear you say, and yes it was a hard and well thought through decision.  But opportunity is something you must not shy away from, and we are prepared to do the fortnightly journey for six months in order for me to pursue this opportunity.   In all honesty, it was Em who pursued this path for me at first.  So it is to my wife that I must acknowledge, for wanting me to chase this opportunity and giving me the support to extend myself.

The position itself is quite unique,  a one teacher school (fully indigenous of course) with 15 enrolled students, in a small community 200km north of Alice Springs just off the Stuart highway.   It poses many educational challenges in planning and delivering for a class of hugely diverse learning needs.  All the while ensuring and facilitating the running of the school and everything that entails.   Professionally this is a great opportunity and step forward, personally this will be a trying time being away from my wife who I lived and worked with now for 18 months.  I know the question you’re all thinking…… yes we will share the dogs, a few weeks here and a few weeks there.

Back to Canteen Creek, we have had a great end to this term.  Apart from my news, Emily Hubbert the early childhood teacher and tragic Port Adelaide fan has also been successful in winning a position as a roving family’s first facilitator, working within the education department helping remote families with young children.   We have had another influx of pre-service teachers from the university of Sydney join us over the past three weeks.   These young whelps, Amy, Elle and Kate have slotted in without missing a step.  Very confident and capable educators in their own right, they have managed to put up with my quiet and unassuming personality……   In all seriousness though they have been a welcome addition to our staffing unit and the school will be a quiet place without their enthusiastic demeanours next term.

That’s about it for now.
A chance to touch base with you all and say hello.   It’s fair to say we have a lot going on, and big change is on its way.  But we will face it together with family and friends supporting us all the way.  Our outlook on our adventure up here has always been the same; enjoy ourselves, embrace the challenges, celebrate success, and learn from any failures.

One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching.



Emilies Corner

Hi everyone!
It’s cold and the excitement to be heading home is gradually building. There has been a great sense of teamwork in Canteen Creek recently with reports now finalised for families to receive on open day.

We are both eagerly anticipating the end of this term to return home to family and friends. Some we have not seen since our wedding. I am honestly so excited to be heading back to Victoria with Lachlan and the pups. A month break is exactly what we all need!

I want to take this opportunity to publically congratulate my husband on the new position that he has been successful in achieving. When Lachlan ran the idea past me I honestly was a little bit reserved. Wasn’t sure how it would go but once we sat down and spoke about it, I made sure he was keen in taking the position. To set some minds at ease, we did not take this decision lightly. From my perspective I see Lachlan as a leader and this was an opportunity for him to embark on that pathway. Next term will provide some challenges but will also be a great learning experience for Lachlan. I am truly proud that he has been successful in getting the position in Stirling for the rest of the year.

Another semester down and we are now looking to the last 6 months of the year. I am sure it will be busy and full of new challenges in both Canteen Creek and Stirling. We look forward to what the rest of the year has in store for us!


2 responses to “A new challenge

  1. Hello Emily and Lachlan, it is good to know you are still enjoying the Barkly. Congratulations Lachlan on your appointment as Principal at Stirling 🙂 enjoy. Cheers Pene

    • Cheers Penny, it is a ripping place out here. Lovely kids. Glad your still following us, seems like forever since that journey up through the bush fire on our first day with you.

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