emSo a little about me.
I am a recent graduate into teaching and as a graduate I am ready for a challenge and an exciting experience. So Lachlan and I have decided to move north to teach indigenous children. Throughout my university experience (that went for some time) I have furthered my interest and passion in child development and have found that my focus on Early Years is a passion I can not wait to peruse and develop.

Enough about me and how I want to be a super awesome amazing teacher.
You probably want to know about me, well…..   I like annoying Lachlan, haha, no but really, lets see about me…   I love listening to music by myself, singing when no one is around, and I only ever dance when no one is looking.   I love baking, and have a serious problem with wanting to buy everything awesome I see for the kitchen.  I am currently planning for my own amazing wedding and thank goodness for Etsy and Pintrest for I can just waste my hours away.  I wouldn’t call my self  a fitness buff but I like to keep active and have played netball for as long as i can remember.   I can play a range of interments, some better than others, yet none to a standard that will see me performing in public anytime soon.  Lachlan insists he will buy me a piano one day as he loves hearing me play it, but we shall see.

I have a super supportive family who put up with Lachlan :), haha, and they can’t wait to hear about our time up north and our adventures.  Finally, I suppose I should also include that I love to travel!   This time up north will quench my thirst for a while, but as Lachlan already knows I dream of getting back to Europe and perhaps this is a good idea for a honeymoon LACHLAN.

I dont have a quote to leave you with, as I’m not a tosser like Lachlan.  So I hope you enjoy our blog, and I hope you find our adventures interesting, inspiring and fun.


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