A bit about me.
Handsome, debonaire, charming, funny and interesting are descriptive words I often hear many people refrain from using when describing me.
Oh sorry did I say refrain, I meant to say use frequently. 🙂   Enough with the small talk I hear you saying and let us know more about you.
Well, I am an educator by trade who is starting this blog as a side project to keep all those who take an intrest, up to date with the life of Emily and I.
I enjoy implementing technology in to my educational practice, and have been lucky enough to teach alongside some great innovators of 21st century teaching in modern classrooms.  My past two years of teaching have seen me presenting at national conferences in the ICT field of education, covering a range of specialities; iPad rich curriculum, 21st century teaching in the classroom, web 2.o tools, and student led learning with ICT.   I have been lucky enough to have presented at Slide2Learn, ICTEV, and VITTA conferences over 2011 and 2012. In 2013 Emily and I have decided to try a new challenge and head into the Northern Territory and teach indigenous children in remote communities.

But I am not just an educator, I am a coach, a mentor, a fiancée, a devotee to science and free thinking and a man with a profound appreciation for single malt scotch.  I  enjoy a good book, good friendship, good music and when I can  a quiet night spent with my telescope peering into the cosmos.
I am lucky in friendship, family and love, and I appreciate this fact every day.

Errrghhhhh, yup that is about as deep as I get.   I will however sign off on this little intro to myself with a quote that I feel embodies the idea of what Emily and I are looking for in our upcoming adventures; “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
Carl Sagan



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